Friday 28 January 2011

A Seamstress?

I never could have my thumbs twiddling for long, before I came up with something creative. The one thing however to which I keep coming back to over and over again is sewing.

It doesn't take any wonder, given a shape that has a variance of 3-4 dress sizes depending on where it is measured. I always had to take my trousers in at the waist, and sometimes that was not even possible - which I had to learn the hard way - as this might make the hole so small that the legs won't fit through anymore. Well, one of them, possibly, but not two.

During the immediate pre-IL phase I only was wearing my own creations of trousers of which I  only could find one picture which shows something blurry black. It seems that although I was proud of my creations, I was not proud to be seen IN them. Then stretch fabric came back into fashion and I got a bit leaner, but the proportions still were unfortunate ones, at least fashion wise.

With all my new confidence and shape, I on top of it all don't want to be seen in something which everybody else is wearing. True individualism shows in the choice of clothing! Then I  heard of this course where a proper couturier is teaching, and  couldn't help but join. I was hoping that this approach would put the fun back into the one hobby I did out of need. I don't like mending and fixing, I like creating, and in sewing one will want to get it right, the outcome is very much on display after all.

Well what can I say? With this course I found a golden egg. These are the two hours of the week when everything falls of me, I am like in a bubble, and as I am creating this blog in the wake of those events I call it 'The Seamstress'. I am glad in a way that I didn't discover welding first, something which I really would want to learn as well. I think 'seamstress' has a nicer ring to it, than 'welder'.

This first article will have to be short, though. I still need to create the blog header, have to add it to the ILP landscape, too,  and I have to take pictures to document the two weeks, which already have passed. I just wanted to let you know that there is a new kid on the blog, the number 13... Let's make it a lucky one!

Ta ta

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