Friday 4 February 2011

... more of toile

So yesterday was the day of truth. After having made my homework by tacking my toile together:
  • darts first, 
  • North-South ones ironed to the outside, East-West ones ironed down (well I got that wrong and ironed them up...)
  • then the sides
  • then top to bottom bit
  • then closing back only the skirt
there was more tacking to do in class
  • along the lines of neck, arm holes and back
  • then using those lines to tack over arm holes neck and one side of the back 
  • nipping little cuts so in tight bends it would fall nicely

And then was dress-up time. Two of us had their toiles finished and went off to change and help each other closing the back. Then in front of the whole class and the observing eye of Roger a lot of nipping happened. We had to pin down the toile to shape size which is a rather delicate thing to do especially around the boobs... whoops sorry, we call it 'bust' these days.

Didn't get round to taking a picture yet, but will before I get on with my new homework. Will show you next time.

Ta Ta

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